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Call US: 321-459-1990  | 1570 S Tropical Trail, Merritt island, FL 32952
Appointments REQUIRED 


    RENTALZ Vacation Rentals   

CRUISES~~Near & far~~ MEGA ships, sailing vessels, yachting style
Brevard Travel Service
is the only call you need to make   

There is simply no other vacation quite like a cruise, no wonder it’s the fastest growing vacation around, accessing several destinations without the unpacking and repacking hassles. Our nearby sailings provide time to sunbathe on warm sunny islands, partake in adventurous hiking, water sports or local shopping, more distant itineraries boast ports with historical pasts, ancient ruins & treasures, cultural experiences or exotic sights along the oceans coastlines. Whatever the destination enjoy ship board activities, fine cuisine, nightclubs & casinos and a wide range of accommodations, usually at prices lower than a typical land vacation. Consider leaving the oceans and venture inland on one of the modern luxurious River Cruises along one of the worlds many navigable waterways. 

We are an established travel agency with over 45 years of real experience selling lots of cruises from Port Canaveral, other Florida ports, and ports throughout & around the world, if you have the time. Not sure what you want check our cruises by Destination page or call for assistance and personal service. From the Mediterranean, to Northern Europe, around South America, thru the Panama Canal, the South Pacific, Alaska, Hawaii,    or one of the Expedition destinations like the Galapagos, Antartica or the Artic. Whatever ocean is calling we are here to answer. Don't forget to investigate our Activities page  to help maximize your time in port. As a full service agency we can easily add air, hotels before or after as needed and creating endless combinations, with the same deals, specials, discounts & promotions you see on TV, online or already sitting in your inbox. 

BREVARD TRAVEL SERVICE is the only call you need to make, 321 459 1990  
Plus added amenities for our clients, i.e. possible OBC,  shore excursions or cocktail party on select sailings below  in the programs below thru our consortia: at no additional cost!

  These exclusive Distinctive Voyages offers feature added amenities at no additional cost   Select cruises in our Culinary Collection feature added amneities at no additional cost    


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CRUISES are always on sale!
Visit our PROMOTIONS page for a sampling of current offers from our most popular cruise lines.


PASSPORTS are not required for MOST cruises from Port Canaveral and other Florida ports.
Read "closed loop" explanation.


We are paid by the cruise lines and have the same prices~
our Personal SERVICE is FREE.