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Call US: 321-459-1990  | 1570 S Tropical Trail, Merritt island, FL 32952
Appointments REQUIRED 


    RENTALZ Vacation Rentals   

Tours for every style, options can be overwhelming let us handle all the details!

Whats your travel style?

  • Escorted
  • Hosted

Escorted Tours
~planned group itinearies~
give the security many want
An ESCORTED tour allows you to visit multiple destinations with the same group of travelers and the services of your tour director from start to finish

Popular Hosted City Stays
~allow more flexible travel~
letting you linger longer
City modules are great for more independent travellers to spend time in their favorite destination






We always encourage you to investigate various options at your leisure, your imput is important. Then together choosing the most appropriate travel plan allowing us to handle all the details so you can leave home worry free, at no additional cost. Travel is both personal and shared capturing memories that last forever: modern tours represent a refined take on the art of travel. From Australia’s Ayers Rock to Zimbabwe and everything in between, let us help you realize your dreams. Travel is different for everyone, some want the security of the classic traditional escorted tour others desire a less structured more focused and localized experience, we can help you choose the trip that's just right for you. This can be an adventurous African Safari, the thrill of a weekend in NYC, the history of London, Paris or Rome, gorilla encounters or closer to home the wonders of our National Parks, the allure of a luxury RAIL TOUR , maybe a more unique experience, or consider our newest destination CUBA, Support of the Cuban People . Whatever travel style you prefer, the most rewarding experiences and best prices can most often be found with our leading tour operators who offer a range of fully escorted, semi-escorted tours and independent custom itinearies as needed.

Tour operators are distribution specialists, their partnerships with established local regional providers for specialized sightseeing and activities at reduced rates because of their volume. Brevard Travel Service has worked with the finest and most reputable tour companies for over 35 years providing "boots on the ground" for quality assurance in the destinations they choose to represent. Discover the world with experienced guides whose extensive knowledge of the destinations history, culture, attractions and people will give you many memories beyond the sights to cherish forever! Don't know where to start? Take a look at the thousands of possibilities at your leisure.

I seamlessly handle the details,
-you experience the WORLD worry free.           


Call ME 321 459 1990






Popular destinations

  London sights, sounds and countryside

Italy Paris has so much to offer, keeps you coming back for more

South Affica beauriful cirys and wildlife in comfort Peru

China's most pouplar combination                      Sydney "Downunders" gateway to Australia

AMERICAN favorites
Alaska cruise tours offer for a more complete Alaskan experience New York City Vacations made easy Experience our own American treasures!

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