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Call US: 321-459-1990  | 1570 S Tropical Trail, Merritt island, FL 32952
Appointments REQUIRED 


    RENTALZ Vacation Rentals   

Brevard Travel SERVICE over  40 years of satisfied customers! 
See more reviews posted directly on the web.

≈ I am an employee of the cruise industry who works at Port Canaveral.  When I wanted to start cruising, a friend recommended Brevard Travel, Jolene Brown.WOW! I am SO glad I contacted Jolene and let her handle everything!!! I’ve been on more than 7 cruises on all the major cruiselines, here at Port Canaveral as well as Ft. Lauderdale, and I have NEVER had an issue, concern, or problem with any cruise!  This is thanks to Jolene.

 There is no substitution for the personal one on one attention Jolene gives a traveler. She answers all questions and correctly explains all the details of each cruise, each cruiseline, each port, and each port of call, with a vast knowledge of everything from arrival at the port to departure. She knows everything about the process, the individual ships, the ship’s team, and as well as the internet technical support side. You can 24/7 contact her; she is patient, thorough, professional, objective, making sure your expectations are met and that the process is streamline and easy.  Her follow up and follow through is impeccable.

I would NEVER consider traveling, especially cruising, without  going through Brevard Travel for individual attention, detail completion, and an achieved feeling that I am a VIP.

Brevard County travelers are fortunate to have such a competent travel agent available locally especially during the uncertain COVID related changes.
MEH, Merritt Island, frequent cruiser

Hi Joline-  I just wanted to thank you again for all the help and amazing expertise you shared with me as I planned my family's trip to Italy and Austria.  It was awesome!  The tour with Monograms was great!  The jet trips on TAP were awesome and our seats were great- we loved the service and kind attention from that airlines!  The train tickets all worked correctly, and the hotels were waiting for us. We had awesome weather and the food was spectacular!  Flying through Boston to Lisbon was a great way to leave and re-enter the USA. My daughter, granddaughter, and husband loved it all... a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime trip for the four of us.  Thank you again for helping me with all of the details so that I too could enjoy the trip without a lot of stress.
CM from Cocoa Beach our trip to Italy 

I just wanted to send a quick word about our wonderful trip to Emilia, Romagna, Italy last April.  I loved the size of the group (only 10) for one, we never felt shuffled around as we would have with a large group. Our transportation was the best, our food was amazing and the sites we visited were off the beaten path of most tours.  Our villa was perfect.  I did like staying in one place and traveling from there each day.  We saw an amazing amount with the group in Florence and Venice with the group and added a copule days in Rome as well. I loved the new friends  we made and our guides Valere, who was informative and fun. Tamara couldn't have been sweeter or more accommodating.
All in all it was a great time,  Thank you,
G. D. Phoenix, AZ   

≈ Wow! This was a trip of a lifetime.  The coolest part was it is a part of the country that is undiscovered; like a secret!  It was like a hidden gem while all the people crammed into Roma we were in the italian countryside enjoying life like the locals!  The first most amazing thing was the accomodations; ours was at a local home in the town; with a view over the countryside that rivaled anything you have seen in the brochures!  The town and local cuisine that we ate, was amazing.  And we could visit one another in our hotels, and just enjoy the cocktail hour from our hotel; then walk to the local restaurant to enjoy some more!  The day trips were awesome; and Valere, our guide, was so knowlegeable that it made you want to come back just to pick his brain and be with him.  The trip to Ravenna, and Venice and of course, the best cooking school, Casa Artusi alone made it worth the plane ride over the Atlantic!  Valere was so attententive to details, and Tamara; well, you could not have a good day without one of her smiles and care for you! I brought my sister, who was handicapped by a stroke, and I have never met a more gracious and accomodating group of people!  The food and wine were simply superb; overwhelming in fact compared to the trip I had taken to Napa. The individual attention to detail and the desire to accomodate everyone was the icing on the cake.  I would highly recommend going to the lovely, secret, hidden treasure in the northeast region of Italy, and bring your best friends and family,( we brought 3 relatives and they rave about the trip from Florence to Venice to the little towns in the hills...)!  Ciao Bella!
J F from Merritt Island  trip Emeila, Romagna, Italy

Joline Brown of Brevard Travel was the best agent I ever had for doing cruises. Her many years of experience, willingness to listen puts her professional expertise far above the typical phone agents that represent cruise line. As our personable agent she answered phone call or emai & dosent rush you through anything as I has experienced with agents from the cruise lines that want to book & rush you through everything. Cruise line reps hardly ever call you back or often in an untimley manner. Many times with cruise line reps you have to get another rep or supervisor to assist you. Often you are waiting on the phone forever with cruise line agents. Joline our individual personal agent made us feel like family and as a (LIVE FRIENDLY AGENT) it was the best experience.
I highly recommend using a travel agent versus the cruise line rep experience. Can't say enough for our wonderful agent Joline. That is why I keep coming back for over 6 years as she is superior. She also sent us extra online credits too. Please use Brevard Travel for cruises, tour or airline bookings you will never be disappointed.
 H. B, Brevard County, Fl   

≈  A "Bucket List" Angel My dream trip to the Mediterranean, the start of my bucket list was wonderful. Having someone know when to take transfers, book hotels with the cruise line and use their air takes the worry out of a new experience. I like the contacts Brevard Travel has with home offices, the knowledge to tell me You may not like this type of travel and the worry free experience. I have left from ports 10 minutes away and from Rome, Venice and California and the they all have been arranged too give me the best from start to finish. This travel service has also taken care of problems outside their control, going directly to the source and that is another plus.
Mary F. 


 Painless, pleasant and prompt Joline sure made planning for our trip, painless, pleasant and prompt. Thanks for walking us through what to expect, helping us plan for what we wanted and delivering our trip package so promptly.
Paulette D. 

≈ I have used Jolene at Brevard Travel many times in the past few years. She is always response to any questions and if she needs to follow up with a service provider she does it promptly and returns any information as soon as she gets it. She is readily available by email or phone. Also the Brevard Travel website is very informative. I can browse my interests and then get to for more help. Jolene always makes me feel appreciated.
Peggy K. 

High Level Of Satisfaction Brevard Travel Service has been making all our travel arrangements for a long time and always provided excellent service. For a trip to Japan, we decided to do it independently. It required accommodations in various hotels in different cities, also we requested different modes of transportation for our trip. That was a memorable trip, thanks to the great preparation provided by Joline. Recently we were interested in a cruise tour of Alaska which involved more details than a regular cruise. This time we were completely satisfied with the all the attention provided to details. The great service we always receive from Brevard Travel Service contributes to a fantastic enjoyment of all our travelling.
Georgina B. 

High quality service We highly recommend the excellent, professional services offered by Joline of Brevard Travel Service. We have used this travel agency for many years and highly recommend the friendly and helpful services you will receive.
Richard and Helen J. 

friendly, helpful and accurate Over the past several years I have entrusted my travel plans to Brevard Travel, both for business and personal needs. The agency knows my preferences (cost, airlines, cruise operators, etc.) and comes up with different scenarios depending on my flexibility about date and time. The service is fast and friendly, a phone call with a few details is sufficient to trigger a search for the most convenient plans.

It would not make travel plans anywhere else. Brevard Travel is one place where you can be sure to get personal attention. They are always available in person or by e-mail with any questions or concerns. Every travel plan they have assisted me with has been top notch. I would recommend them to anyone.
Barbara M. 

Joline thanks again for all of your help in planning our vacation.  Everything went smoothly no hiccups and the my wife and two daughters had a great time on our spring break snow adventure to Telluride Co and the visit to the Four Corners States and the Grand Canyon.  We saw snow on our first day there and again two days later when we were snowmobiling in the mountains!!  It was so beautiful and my daughters were quite impressed with the mountain ranges there a lot different from basically flat land in Florida. Everything was great and your attention to detail was awesome and a great help.  Thank you again for all you hard work making the plans for our vacation. Blessing from us to you!
DM, Merritt Island 

Joline Brown has been our travel agent for the past twenty years.  She is both helpful and extremely efficient at finding us the very best vacation deals.  This has resulted in saving us a lot of money over the years.  We highly recommend Brevard Travel Service for any future travel plans.  We definitely intend to continue using the agency.
R&H J, Merritt Island 

≈Just another Thank you for the unexpected spa treatment and the great dinner upgrade provided thru your "affiliation" . The cruise was GREAT!!
B&M M, Merritt Island 

≈For our travels we have tried different companies operating on the internet hoping to save money and time since you are doing all the planning without leaving home.  In the end, we spent more money and created more hassle due to the many things not explained on the websites.
We started using the services of Brevard Travel several years ago, and keep going to them for all our travel needs. Joline helps us with her tremendous expertise and attention to the little details that can spoil a vacation if not understood and/or resolved on time. A couple of years ago, due to an emergency, we had to cancel a cruise the day before departing, Joline went to great lengths to work with the cruise line and the cancellation was resolved very smoothly. Thanks for her being on top of everything we saved lots of stress on an already difficult situation.
J&G B, Merritt Island 

≈Sure you can book a plane from here to Dallas by yourself on the internet so why use a Travel Agent and why use Joline at BREVARD TRAVEL?

Many reasons come to mind. First and foremost is because your best interests are her priority, that’s right your best interests are her priority. Not the cruise lines, planes, hotels or others in the travel industry. If you are not happy she loses a client. As a result she strives to get and give you what you want, not what others want to sell you. Second she will save you time as BREVARD TRAVEL SERVICE is a one stop shopping mecca.  No jumping to Hotels, Tours, and Planes etc. all over the internet and then back again. Also the information you think you know or receive may not be accurate but Joline will double check and make sure all is correct. Third she will save you money. Her services are free except for airline tickets; sometimes airfares aren’t so simple after all. With her personal knowledge, customer personal reviews, resources and connections all over the travel industry she always gets you, yes you, her client the best deals. Fourth she has a grip on time constraints. We all want to see 10 countries in 15 days getting the biggest bang for our buck. But is 10 countries in 15 days realistic? Will we really see the countries or just hotels and airports?
Having done business with Joline at Brevard Travel for over 20 years I can attest that you will always get individual personal attention, and answers to all your travel questions all because of her extensive background. Joline will know and give you the proper advise: PRICELESS.
WD, Merritt Island